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Blog from the Dogs: Gas Safety Week

smudgeicon  TED! Get down from up there! What do you think you’re doing?

tedicon I’m checking the gas meter! I had a funny feeling about it…

smudgeicon  I think it’s fine, you didn’t need to climb up that ladder to check it. What gave you the funny feeling?

tedicon Well I was reading all about Gas Safety Week last week and it got me worried, so I decided i’d check. All good by me! I think…

smudgeicon  I’m glad but maybe think twice before scaling the office again. What did you learn about Gas Safety Week?

tedicon It was quite worrying. In the last year alone, 343 people were injured and 10 people died as a result of gas related incidents. Which is why it really important for tenants to take steps and check their system on a regular basis.

smudgeicon  What can they do to make sure they’re safe?

tedicon Gas appliances need to be checked once a year and serviced by a registered Gas Safe engineer. It’s also important to check their ID card to ensure they are qualified for any work that needs doing.

smudgeicon  Ah yes!

tedicon Also it’s really useful to get a Carbon Monoxide alarm installed, which could potentially save a lot of lives.

smudgeicon  Great tips, Ted. Will you come down from that ladder now, please?

tedicon No I like it now, I can see my kennel from here!