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Blog from the Dogs – Easter Competition

smudgeicon  Don’t you just love spring Ted?

tedicon I guess, but what’s so good about it Smudge?

smudgeicon  All the new grass to wee on, all the flowers to smell

tedicon  That’s true and it’s getting warmer, I do love to sunbathe!

smudgeicon  Exactly Ted, and what’s even better is our Easter competition

tedicon  Ooooo fun! What is it?

smudgeicon  We are asking children of all ages to colour in one of our easter templates and send it to us!

tedicon  Nice! and whats the prize?

smudgeicon  The prize is a £30 voucher and the winning drawing will feature in our office window for all to see!

tedicon  Brilliant, I’d personally rather chase rabbits than draw them

smudgeicon  Well we can’t draw Ted we don’t have opposable thumbs! If you want to enter our competition see how here!