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Blog from the Dogs – EA Masters Line up Announcement

smudgeicon  Hey Ted, have you seen the line-up for the EA Masters?

tedicon Not yet, i’ve been too busy staring at the invitation. It’s so shiny and beautiful…

smudgeicon  Still?! You were at this 2 blogs ago. You need to get out more.

tedicon But Smudge…the invitation…

smudgeicon  Never mind that, Ted! The line up for the EA Masters is great – it includes Richard Mullender, who negotiated with the Taliban for the release of hostages in Afghanistan!

tedicon Wow, that’s cool! I once negotiated with another dog down the road to let me sniff his bum.

smudgeicon  Not quite the same is it…

tedicon It was a hard sell, he was very reluctant.

smudgeicon  There will also be Julian Treasure, who has one of the highest viewed videos on…wait for this….TED Talks!

tedicon Ssssssh! You can’t let on that we can talk. We’ll never be allowed into the office again.

smudgeicon  Har har. Not only that, Peter Knight will be going through exactly how Property Academy conducted the survey and giving useful insights. What more could we want?

tedicon Will there be any cats there to play with?

smudgeicon  Well…I…no…but that’s pretty much the only thing that won’t be there! The event is star studded with many more world class speakers that will make it an amazing event. What an honour for Maxine Lester to have been selected for the Best Estate Agent Guide!

tedicon Woof!


For more information about speakers at the EA Masters, click here.