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Blog from the Dogs – EA Masters

tedicon Oh my…oh my…it’s so beautiful…

smudgeicon  Ted, why are you stroking that piece of paper?

tedicon It’s Maxine’s EA Masters invite…I can’t stop looking at it…it’s so shiny and a joy to behold…

smudgeicon  It is great, but you’re gonna ruin it Ted, put it down!

tedicon But it’s so beautiful…

smudgeicon Well alright, as long as I can touch it too. Are you looking forward to the event, Ted?

tedicon What event?

smudgeicon  The EA Masters!

tedicon There’s an event? I was just enjoying the shiny piece of paper…what’s this event all about?

smudgeicon  You are silly, Ted. Property Academy conducted a huge survey of over 30,000 estate agents across the country and picked the top 20% very best ones. And the Maxine Lester gang got picked!

tedicon Wow! That’s great! But Smudge…what does it actually mean?

smudgeicon  Well, anyone that is thinking about working with Maxine Lester can be safe in the knowledge that they will receive top quality customer service, and work with a highly trained team that are ahead of the game! The company are also included in the Best Estate Agent Guide, which is a very prestigious achievement. Safe to say, they are very proud.

tedicon I’m not sure if it’s that or this shiny paper but i’m getting emotional. I will be extra nice to the team from now on. Bark!


the team