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Blog from the Dogs – Best Estate Agents Guide

tedicon  Smudge why are you walking like that?

smudgeicon  I’m practising my regal walk Ted, didn’t you hear we are in the top ten percent of estate agents in the whole country.

tedicon  Wow, does that make us princes now Smudge?

smudgeicon  Practically Ted, we are the cream of the crop and now feature in the Best Estate Agent Guide 2018.

tedicon  We should practice talking posh smudge, I reckon those corgis will look down on us otherwise.

smudgeicon  Don’t be silly Ted we have been judged to be exceptional agents, they will have to impress us.

tedicon I suppose you’re right Smudge, I just don’t feel very regal

smudgeicon  That’s not entirely the point Ted, we’re still the same hard-working team we have always been; even though it is fun to walk imperiously

tedicon  That’s certainly true…what about a painting!?

smudgeicon  Now that’s an intriguing idea, I hear those corgies model daily with paintings all over the palace.

tedicon That settles it, I’m getting my monocle.

smudgeicon I’ll call the finest artist.