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Blog from the dogs – Bank Holiday Weekend!

smudgeicon  What a lovely Friday Ted

tedicon  Friday! But we aren’t in the office!

smudgeicon  It’s Easter weekend, this Friday and Monday are Bank Holidays so we can take a break

tedicon  I do feel we deserve on Ted

smudgeicon  I think the team do more than us Ted

tedicon  That is true they do contribute a lot more than us

smudgeicon  Yes, but we are at the office for moral support than anything

tedicon  Yes and we are good at hovering the floor

smudgeicon  That’s true we are support dogs and cleaners, we definitely deserve a break!

tedicon So what are our opening hours the weekend Smudge?

smudgeicon  We are closed Today and Monday and are open Saturday 9:30 till 13:30.

tedicon  Lovely! We hope everyone has a brilliant Easter weekend!