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Blog from the Dogs – 12 Years in Business

smudgeicon *Looks thoughtfully out the office window*

tedicon  What are you thinking so deeply about Smudge?

smudgeicon  I’m just reflecting on all that Maxine Lester Residential Lettings has achieved over the last twelve years

tedicon  Wow has it really been that long?

smudgeicon  Yes and we now have twelve members of staff thanks to Lois joining

tedicon  I like Lois she gives good belly rubs

smudgeicon  I’m just so impressed with everything the company has achieved it’s amazing

tedicon  It is amazing… What have they achieved exactly?

smudgeicon  We manage over 550 properties which is always growing. We have won over 40 awards for our amazing customer service, and raised over £15,000 for various charities!

tedicon  Wow its all such a blur I don’t remember half of it!

smudgeicon  Of course you don’t, we aren’t 12 years old!

tedicon  Oh… That makes sense then

smudgeicon  But I do think we have made a significant improvement

tedicon  I wholeheartedly agree Smudge who else would eat the leftover food

smudgeicon  Exactly Ted