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Blog from the Dogs: Back to School

tedicon “Hey Smudge… what are you doing there buddy?”

smudgeicon “Oh, hey. Nothing much, just trying to make sandwiches for my first day back at school. You wouldn’t believe how long it took me to get this outfit on though.”

tedicon “Uhh, Smudge? We’re dogs… we don’t go to school. Also, you have a crazy amount of peanut butter in your fur. How many jars have you gone through?”

smudgeicon  “I’d say somewhere between 3-8. I had to lather myself with it first to squeeze into my blazer. So, you’re telling me I went through all this for nothing?”

tedicon “Afraid so Smudge. Looks like you’re heading for the hose. ”

smudgeicon “Heyyy – listen let’s not be rash here, let’s talk about this. Look! I can lick it off easy peasy!  Anything but the hose!”

tedicon  “Okay well, while you do that – I’m gonna go and help Maxine Lester and the team in the office.  Because the kids have gone back to school we are in the busiest rental period of the year.  At least that job doesn’t involve bathing in peanut butter and ruining Dad’s new jacket!”




Whilst many people basking in the relief of the end of the School Summer Holidays, and getting back to a normal routine, estate and letting agents up and down the country are gearing up for a very busy few weeks.  A recent survey, on rental tenancies which started over the past 3 years, reveals that more than a fifth of them start in the months of August and September.  It is no different for us at Maxine Lester, especially being in an area of good or outstanding schools and sought-after educational establishments, we find these Autumn months incredibly busy. Over the next few weeks demand from students looking for accommodation before Uni term starts, recent graduates starting new jobs and families seeking to move before the next school year will combine.  With more than 2/5ths of tenancy agreements being for 12, 24 or 48 months, many existing tenancies also come up for renewal at this time of year and tenants may choose to move, further boosting demand for rental properties.

In conjunction with high demand, we are also in an area of great improvement in rental prices, so more investors are looking for property in our area and that should extend our busy period even further this year.  If you are thinking of purchasing a rental property you can speak to Maxine and she will offer her opinion on the best choice.  If you are thinking of renting a property, register your details with our lettings team.  Contact details for everyone is here.