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So How do you Get to be in the Top 10% ?

On the 22nd September we were awarded Excellent Status at the EA Masters Conference. This means that we are in the top 10% of letting agents in the country.
– Yes that’s right the COUNTRY. We now feature in the Best Estate Agent Guide 2018. Amazing result for an amazing team. So how did this all happen?

It started with the results we achieve on Rightmove where we were marked against 30,000 of the UKs estate and lettings agencies. We were then secret shopped at least three 3 times on the phone and by email. What were the judges looking for?
1. Special Greeting – How do we make people feel – are they the most important person who’s made contact that day? Are our emails individual and what our response time is.
2. How we answer questions – The customers’ questions are answered or answers are found. Additionally, the caller is asked more questions, the exceptional agents diagnose before they prescribe.
3. Marketing Photos – Every property has a minimum of 5 images, sometime 10+, all professionally taken and showing off a property in its best light.
4. Floor plans – It’s a noted fact that having a floorplan increases the number of views that it has. So the judges were looking to see the percentage of floor plans we had.
5. The number of views per property – Top 10 % agents generate more viewings per property than their competitors. That’s what we do ! Ultimately, the more interest in a property, the more likely it will let and for the best price.
6. Staying with Price Talking of price – Top 10 %agents price correctly and don’t price to win the business or to please their clients or to win instructions.
7. Fall through rates – The best agents not surprisingly have the lowest fall through rates.
9. The ultimate test and measurement – did the property let? The top 10% not surprisingly achieve a higher completion rate.

As EA Masters have said
Exceptional agents do the ordinary things extraordinarily well.